2013 News

/2013 News

Preventing Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the bigger threats to seniors living in Austin senior living communities. Because these seniors don’t get out too much, and don’t own their own home, this is one of their most vulnerable remaining points. Below we enumerate several warning signs of which seniors need to be cognizant in order to Read more

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Nine Signs It’s Time for Your Parents to Move

By Michael Gill, CSA, CFE
When is it kinder to your parent to move him or her into a senior living facility than to allow them to continue to live at home on their own? This is a conundrum faced by many concerned children of elderly parents. The short answer is: “when they are Read more

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Financial Exploitation of the Elderly: Trusted Individuals Often Culprits

By Michael Gill, CSA®, CFE
Helping seniors isn’t my only passion; I’m also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). As such, I’ve studied issues about financial exploitation of the elderly. It’s heartbreaking when vulnerable seniors are defrauded, yet we’ve all seen it happen. The question of who commits these fraudulent acts is one that I’d like to Read more

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